Installation and Operation of HotStart!

STEP 1: Remove HotStart! from packaging along with plumbers Teflon tape and control cord with pull tab.

STEP 2: Remove the existing shower head from the shower water pipe.

STEP 3: Wipe it dry and apply 2-3 even turns of plumbers’ Teflon tape to threads of the shower water pipe.  Add more or less for tightness and positioning of the EZ-Pausecontrol lever.

STEP 4: Apply 2-3 even turns of plumbers’ Teflon tape to threads of HotStart!

STEP 5: Screw receptive end of HotStart! onto the shower water pipe JUST FINGER TIGHT so that the HotStart! control lever is faced for easy access by users.  The EZ-Pausecontrol works from either side of the showerhead.

STEP 6: Allow HotStart! pull tab and cord to hang freely.

STEP 7: Screw the showerhead onto the threaded and previously Teflon taped delivery end of HotStart!  Tighten enough to prevent leakage.  The EZ- Pause control lever should be aligned with the HotStart! valve and shower pipe.

STEP 8: Turn on the hot shower and go about other business while waiting for the shower water to warm up.

STEP 9: HotStart! automatically slows the shower flow to a trickle as water temperature reaches about 95 degrees Fahrenheit (40 C).

STEP 10: When ready to shower, before stepping in, pull steadily and firmly down on the HotStart!  pull tab and cord moving the control lever  until the shower flows fully and is almost perpendicular with the HotStart! pipe line.

STEP 11: As shower flows, adjust the water temperature, step in and enjoy.

STEP 12: Shower flow can be controlled, off and on as needed, with no effect on the  preferred water temperature.  Push or turn HotStart! EZ-Pause control lever back to its set position for off.  Pull the tab and cord returning the control lever to the run position to start the shower again.

STEP 13: When finished showering, turn off water normally.  HotStart!  EZ-Pause control lever will automatically return to its default set position as the water temperature in the pipe cools.

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