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CWS Smart Fan Technology™ (SFT™) HVAC System Optimizers

Automatic central fan extension, a component of SFT, has been the subject of work papers from studies done by California energy providers since 2006-08 when PG&E and SCE began looking at the comfort and energy saving benefits offered with implementation of the technology. Since then, S.D.G. & E. and S.C.G.C. have each followed suit and published their own findings. The consensus of opinions offered in utility work papers published in 2012-13 inspired CWS engineers to extend development efforts of the CWS HVAC CHIP and SFT modules for residential, commercial and industrial grade HVAC systems. The SFT Delivery System now includes applications for PTAC/ PTHP in-wall products

CWS HVAC SFT signals the HVAC system evaporator fan to stay on for an extended amount of time after the cooling / heating unit cycles off. It is now accepted among HVAC industry efficiency engineers that automatic cyclical fan extension helps to use otherwise wasted residual cooling and/or heating energy left in the compressor and/or heating elements after each cycle. Most systems are now designed for the fan to turn off automatically after a pre-set static fan extension of 30-60-90 seconds.

CWS HVAC CHIP is embedded with Smart Fan Technology (SFT). SFT algorithms measure and record many past HVAC system cycles over extended time periods. SFT measures how long and how often the compressor and/or heating components have been running and for how long and how often they have been off between cycles. Then, the proprietary, patent pending SFT algorithms use the data collected to predict how long the fan extension should be, from 120-320 seconds, for each current cycle. With pre-set, static fan extension, the time may be too long and may cause discomfort. If too short, it may result in a waste of energy. SFT fan extensions, ranging between 120-320 seconds, result in optimal comfort levels and energy efficiency for the occupant. Note that SFT algorithms are smart enough to predict the length of the fan extension without measuring the current compressor or heating component run time. SFT “learns” from the data collected during many previous heating and cooling cycles and predicts the optimal length of the fan extension for the current cycle.

CWS HVAC CHIP has been called, “the most cost effective refit with the best return on investment in the HVAC industry.” Most HVAC systems lack optimization and waste energy. That energy is not only wasted, but you have to pay for the waste! With the cost of electricity steadily rising, CWS HVAC SFT products become all the more necessary and valuable. Optimize the performance of HVAC systems with CWS HVAC SFT products. Once this device is installed, subtle changes will begin to enhance your HVAC system performance and help to reduce energy cost through greater efficiency.

About Smart Fan Technology

HVAC Chip Residential
HVAC Chip Commercial

CWS HVAC CHIP is SFT (Smart Fan Technology) 

CWS HVAC CHIP adjusts the HVAC blower to stay on for an extended period of time after the cooling and heating unit cycles off. Most systems are designed for the fan to be set to run 30, 60 or 90 seconds after cycling down automatically. CWS HVAC CHIP reads recent system activity and tells the fan to remain on for a precise amount of time for each cycle to optimize that activity. CWS HVAC CHIP tells the fan exactly how long to run, as long as five minutes, to most efficiently use the conditioning capacity of the elements of the HVAC system. CWS HVAC CHIP increases efficiency and reduces the number of times the HVAC system cycles on and off during a given time period. CWS HVAC CHIP is a smart chip designed specifically to reduce energy consumption and utility costs. Independent studies show seasonal savings of 12-15 % on HVAC energy expenses.
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Save 12-15% (Average Annual Savings)

CWS HVAC CHIP, Hvac Smart Chip and other SFT (Smart Fan Technology) devices are built for residential installation at the HVAC unit air handler or at the thermostat. These devices are not robust enough for commercial / industrial central HVAC systems most often installed on rooftops where ambient temperatures often reach over 130F degrees. These HVAC systems’ 24V AC transformers may drive load levels that create large current spikes. They may also drive other boards including defrosters, special fan boards, etc.

The newly introduced CWS 8THEM-0007 is an industrial grade, highly reliable efficient fan controller designed to operate with large tonnage Compressors / Heat Pumps.

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Save Money & Energy with CWS PTAC Savers

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) and Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHP) installed in California and across the country outnumber all other HVAC systems combined. They are self-contained HVAC systems commonly found in hotels, motels, apartments, condos, schools, medical facilities and offices nationwide. Installation of PTAC SAVER represents a cost effective measure to reduce energy consumption by these HVAC industry workhorses.

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Coil Winding Specialist, Inc. (C.W.S. is a design/build electrical engineering and manufacturing firm founded in Orange, Ca. in 2006 by James Lau, C.E.O.. He set the industry standard for winding jobs and proficient custom design and “short-run” production of transformers, inductors, chokes and coils. Our design and production expertise ranges from power plants for renowned projects around the world to micro-processors for HVAC energy efficiency. We provide products and services to electrical design engineers and manufacturers in all fifty states and countries around the world. CWS energy efficiency products are used in rebate programs by utilities companies throughout California and are attracting interest from energy efficiency experts across the country.


C.W.S. designs and produces the patented (U.S.9.410.713 B2) CWS HVAC CHIP, the “Smart Fan Technology” used increasingly throughout California in utility company energy efficiency rebate programs to reduce energy cost and consumption.

  • C.W.S. has an excellent reputation for innovative design and overcoming performance and production obstacles.
  • Our high level of quality controls and testing result in absolutely minimal product function failure rates.
  • Our reputation for meeting design schedules and production deadlines is well known to our industry partners and their referrals.
  • Clients enjoy excellent pricing and “short run” availability.
  • C.W.S. team members are accessible and communicative.
  • Client concerns are handled promptly, professionally and effectively.
  • Our entire staff, from design engineers to warehouse technicians are aspirational in their occupations and strive to exceed expectations.
  • C.W.S., Inc. holds seven current and/or pending U.S. Patents for product designs and/or processes.


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  • S.I. Manufacturing, Inc., California
  • Kimball Electronics, Inc., Indiana
  • Union Pacific Railroad Co., Nebraska
  • F. Ideas, Inc., Ill.
  • S.I. Technologies, Inc., Wisconsin
  • Schneider Electric, Canada
  • Synergy Companies, California
  • Pacific Gas & Electric, California
  • Southern California Edison, California
  • San Diego Gas & Electric, California
  • Sempra Utilities, California
  • The Gas Company, California

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