Very Important Step: When the installation is finished, turn the HVAC System Switch to “ON”, so your HVAC-CHIP can program itself to operate properly on the HVAC System. As a reminder, please make sure there is NO WIRES FROM THE CHIP LEFT UNCONNECTED at any time.

If the Fan keeps running immdediately after the chip is installed, then either of the follow situations has occurred:

  1. A) Wrong version of the chip is used. Note that there are multipleversions of the chip. Please contact the factory.
  2. B) The white wire from the chip is left unconnected as the HVAC system probably has an independent AC and Heater.
  3. C) The 24Vac transformer in the AC is overloaded.

Proceed through these next steps to test your HVAC-CHIP:

  1. If the temperature is cold outside, turn your heat on and let the heater/furnace run for 10 minutes.Then lower the temperature setting until the heater/furnace turns off.  The fan should remain on for approximately 4 minutes (notice this is a longer period of time the fan is usually on, which means you are using more of that stored heat energy).
  2. If the temperature is warm outside, turn your AC on and let the compressor run for 10 minutes.Then raise the temperature setting until the compressor turns off.  The fan should remain on for approximately 4 minutes (notice this is a longer period of time the fan is usually on, which means you are using more of that stored cool energy).

NOTE: Never turn on the AC when the temperature is below 35 degrees. 

  1. After the fan completes the additional “run time” and turns off, manually switch the fan from “Auto” to “On” mode.The fan should turn on.

Alternatively: On your thermostat, turn your Heat Cool Off switch to the “Off” position.  Then turn your fan switch from “Auto” to the “On” position.  Depending on the thermostat model, the fan should turn on (Note: some thermostats do not let the fan turn on when Heat Cool Off switch is in "Off" postion).  If so, do not worry, just notice the fan continues to run longer in steps 1 and 2.

  1. When your furnace or compressor are “On”, meaning the heat or cold are running, turn the switch to the heat or cold switch to “Off”.The fan should remain on for the programmed amount of time.

Note: If any of these steps fail to perform properly, go back to check that wiring instructions were followed properly, and your HVAC was properly identified as Heat Pump or Conventional.

Note: For further help, visit our online tutorial videos at the following link www.hvac-chip.com.

The HVAC-CHIP has now been tested and programmed to cut your utility bills and give you years of energy savings for your HVAC system. 

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